martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

I don’t know how to begin this. Yeah, I know it’s ur birthday, I should start with a “HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY BIEBER” but I don’t like it. I wanna start with something different.

March 27th 2010, the day I can say I officially became a Belieber. And as well say “our” nickname, derived from BELIEVERS, since that day I never stopped believe in you, in me. Believe in that I can do whatever I want. Believe in that as long as I have the strengh to do it, no one can stop me. Most of my ‘friends’ think that I’m stupid. I dumbass teenager without a life who’s always paying attetion at the USA, the famous person there, Vanessa, Zac and you instead of go party the weekends, smoke, do drugs or every shit the ‘normal’ teenagers do this day just to make their self believe they’re ‘cool’ because they do that.

I prefer being called the ‘weird’, the ‘stupid’ instead of ruin my life, but this is not the reason of this post.

You know.. with Vanessa and Zac I was very obsessed but with you bieber, it’s something different. It’s inexplicable, weird but real. I really DON’T CARE about what people say about you. I don’t care that people call you a fag, say that you look like a girl or you sing like one because people talk without knowing you.

I know, I don’t know you either, I just know the Justin I see, I don’t know what’s the REAL you, but I think I know a little bit more about you than the stupid people who talks about you knowing nothing.

They say you’re gonna be like the Jonas Brothers, 2 years of ‘fame’ and then, the 3rd year PUFF. You don’t exist anymore. They talk so earlier. I don’t know what they expect of you. They expect you become a LEYEND in one year or i don’t know. They hate you, they love you, but anyways they talk about you. They know who you are, what you do, what you say, what you don’t say, and everytime they make you bigger.

I think I write this to exprese my self, but I really want to tell how you changed my life because you did it.

That phrase… “Never Say NEVER” always meant nothing, I used to think that was bullshit because I didn’t know any example of that phrase, until you appeared in my life. First, I watched baby on mtv, then I started to search info about you, I started to search videos on youtube of you singing til I found your youtube account. I fell in love with you after watching the cover of With you. At that time, I wanted to know your story, so I searched and I found it. It might not be the most rough story but I’m pretty sure your story is one of the most inspirational story I’ve ever heard. And now, here I am knowing pretty much your whole life. I known that you lived, what you’re living and I’m sure I’ll know what you’ll know because we’re growing together that’s what I think this is the best idol-fan relationship. We’re able to see how we change, together. I see how you change, and you see how we, your fans, change with you by your side. You’re the perfect example for ‘Never Say Never’. This last time, I fell in love with you even harder because of you, your music, your movie (which made me cried, danced, screamed, sang, but most of all, it made me fell SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU) and everything you do. I realized that you’re such a good person. You’ve taught me SO MUCH in just one year that I can’t thank you enough. Because of your story, because of your speechs, because of your song and mostly because of ‘Born to be somebody’ I decided I want to believe in my dream and make it real. And you say it  ’you have to work for it, and never stop believing in that you can do it’ and that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna work for it.

I am SO FUCKING PROUD of say that I’m your fan, that I’m a BELIEBER AND THAT I BELIEVE IN JUSTIN DREW BIEBER. I’m glad to say that everytime I watch one of your old videos, or one time or anything about you I cry because I can’t be more proud of you. Seeing how much you’ve archived it’s unbelievable. In just one year you made a book, a 3D movie, 4 cds and most of all you became the best role model and idol of 7millions+ beliebers and you became MY IDOL. MY ROLE MODEL and you don’t know how much I’m proud of say that. You make me feel the proudest fan ever.

So Justin Drew Bieber Mallette, I WISH YOU THE BEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOMEONE CAN HAVE BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! Quit growing because I miss the squirrel face and the girl’s voice you had in 2009 but you know, it’s imposible stop growing. BUT I LOVE YOU’RE NEW SEXY FACE and I love this new MATURE JUSTIN because you didn’t changed, you’re the still silly boy who’s always playing pranks and hitting someone haha, you just became more mature.

NEVER, NEVER stop smiling because that smile is the smile who cheers me up when Im down and the one who makes me smile like an idiot. Please, don’t stop smiling. Don’t let the silly stuff of a normal 17-years-old boy dissapear because that things make me LOL. Don’t let Butler and Somers disappear either haha.

I wish someday I could meet you and tell you all of this face to face. I wish I could go to one of your concert soon and have the time of my life.

The only thing I can say to you is thank you, thank you and more thank you! There’s no word to describe what you mean to me.

Justin Drew Bieber, I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy 17th Birthday!

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