sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Today as i promised! I saw the movie NEVER SAY NEVER! I saw it i cry, i laught HAD BIEBERGASM (? Okno hahahaha But when he move the hair in slow motion is like .. lol ,i mean is a movie that I wont forget! i cry too much when he sing Down to earth, because it is a song that identifies me a lot because it is about the separation of her parents and mine were separated when I was 9 or 10 months, i was very small and do not enjoy anything with them together, this movie made me more Belieber than before, now I understand the girls crazy NOT TO OBSESSION ,i never would do it because Justin doesnt like these girls, they must scared him, The point is that now i'm more belieber than ever NOBODY BEATS ME lol Today in the film i arrives at 3 (the cinema opens at 5) and wait with a friend (Lali W http://laaliw.blogspot.com/ her blog) and then came another friend and his sister (Niki and Sofia) and we wait there first, then a fucking bitches that belive they are more belieber were filed and we left VERY early!! In that moment my heart hurt me with anguish and anger nerves and more! the man of the cinema said the row was not there where we were , we were cold WE LIVE IN  USHUAIA ! BUT HE OPENED TO USSSSSSSSSSS ! YEAH MEN the first in the cinema! THE FIRST WHO touch the first ticket in ushuaia MEEEEEEEEEE!I was SOOO EXITED ! who entered FIRST  TO THE CNEMA  SCREEN? MEEEEEEEEE YEAH MEN!
I entered FIRST, you are reading something writed for a crazy girl!lol So justin teach me never say never to belive in your dreams NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, I love him not for he have for their talents ,not his money,  NOT FOR HER HAIR,for his heart! Today I lost my voice in the movie it really hurts BUT worth it because I LOVED (: It was worth getting angry, because those who sat behind us (in the row above) Shouting purpose was to screw the very wankers but we went down and shout as hard as we could, and we turned and we made them FUCK YOU to those wankers! who the fuck they think they are? asshole -.-
AAAAAAAA! I cant believe that I saw,  I have nerves and do not know why, I have recorded and I will see 1000 times lol
Theres gonna be times when people say you cant do something or live your dreams. And theres gonna be a time when people say you cant sell out madison square garden, this is what i tell NEVER SAY NEVER 

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